the project is an emotional journey inside the Maison Houdini attraction at the Magicland park in Rome; a project that includes different music and narrations, all coordinated according to a well thought-out artistic design to convey the mystery and magic. The musical project, born in 2011, consists of 11 musical frames.

I wrote the soundtrack faithfully respecting the storyboard created by the author and the artistic director,
with the scheme of attraction and the design of the movements of each element, especially the room that hosts the Main Show. An almost obsessive synchronism aligned with the design of the movements of the lights, their colors and the scenarios of the sets, also in motion. This for every element, including the introduction of the pre-show, but also the elevators and the music of the transfer corridors. The goal was to create an engaging project for the viewer by involving even the ambient air!


The Pre-Show, anticipated by the music of Queue Line, is divided between the dialogues narrated by professional actors accompanied by a Sound Design and a magical Soundtrack, inspired by the world of the "sorcerer's apprentice" and fantasy ...

Main Show

In the Main Show, are created 2 fundamental Soundtracks, carefully synchronized to the movement and dynamics of the attraction, with a meticulous work of effects linked to the lights and the sequence of movements in order to create a "crescendo" in the suspense and speed of the music. It passes from the French styles and "pompouse's" Valse of the '800 to the harmonies inspired by the world of Grieg. Rhythm, effects and fantasiously melodies, over "magical" harmony, to let visitor scary enthusiastic.

Queue Line, Ambient & Lifts

without neglecting the exterior of the rooms, the internal corridors but above all the entrance and exit lifts. Every second was set to music giving a meaning to every note, every dynamics and every effect of the Sound Design.