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Produced Soundtracks, Orchestral and Film Score, Music for Big-Band & Concert Band, Choir. 

Pianist, Classical Organist since 1989 and Choir Master since 1993; Orchestral Conductor and Arranger about Various genres: Classical, Sacred, Jazz, Light and Popular.
Composer and Director of Italian pop music, Soul Band and Big Band, besides of Choir Ensemble since 2007 with exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad, 
in the presence of civil and military authorities.
The recording career began in 1998 as a musician in the field of production/arrangements for various labels and record companies,
so then focus the main activity as Producer and Artistic Director of the JCP Sound Factory.
Developed several projects for Tv production companies and in the Film industry as a writer, composer, music producer and arranger of soundtracks for feature films, short movies and documentary for cinema and television, also in the field of Amusement & Theme's Parks, Theatrical, Circus (modern and traditional), Musicals and Orchestral Tours.
Composition & Arrangement 


The Cinema Industry, soundtracks, 
sound design and more music projects to accompany images...

other Jobs & Productions' Fields

Write Music - Sound Design - Synchro


writing music and sound effects for the world of television and broadcasting. Tailor-made creation of themes and arrangements.
Write effects, recording sounds and noise, working with and in behalf of speakers and actors...
Write Logo Reveal and Spot.


The creation of music for documentaries is very exciting, it accompanies the images with attention and synchronism. Multiple soundtracks for documentaries have been made, of lot genre, being reproduced on television channels and on-demand.

Digital & Show Business

Electronic music, the creation of Sound Design for the digital world, for the Gaming industry and for the show business sector. In the last 10 years, operations for the world of theme parks and digital shows. The implementation of synchronized soundtracks for modern circus shows, synchronized dance and video mapping.

Writing Music, Sound & Arrangements

Game Industry & Amusement Field

The Gaming Industry such as Amusement Parks at an international level sees employed over and 500 productions made by our structure; ambient music, soundtracks for attractions, soundtracks for shows and motion-synchronized sound systems.

Showbusiness & Circus

Music is a significant component for entertainment of any kind.In recent years I have had the pleasure of starting and consolidating collaborations, for the creation of Soundtracks and Songs, which have seen us become partners of realities in the Modern Circus, such as Circus Servian, the great Joel Baker
artists of Cirque Du Soleil, artists of Le Cirque World's Top Performer, Circo OrfeiAcroverticalAmerican Circus, Vertical Waves Project and others. 
Even the Musical sector has requested some musical productions as well as Live Events, Athletics and Dance shows.

Audio Portfolio

from the production archive it is possible to listen to some works created and some publications that are not covered by NDA or copyright restrictions ...

Live Concerts

playing music...

proximity to the public, live music and live performances ...