Broadcasting, Corporate Movie & Multimedia

Corporate Cinema and the World of Digital Productions

Corporate Movies

the importance of Sound, Music & Voice
in the Cinema dedicated to Business

it is essential to devote attention and investment to audio production for the Corporate Movie. An original and exclusive Soundtrack, an adequate Sound Design with the right measure of sounds and noises, the direct recording of the audio of the activities or interviews and a meticulous pre-production activity also in the choice of the right Voice Over

Broadcasting & Multimedia

the digital field, music for the world of video games, virtual reality and the interactive world.
Soundtracks and Sound Design for modern Video Mapping and Immersive Reality activities dedicated to the world of private and public entertainment

Electronic Music and the Virtual World. 

Sound Design for the digital and immersive museum industry.

Augmented Reality and Holographics Scene.

Corporate & Broadcasting Releases Portfolio

some publications on TV channels for commercials and company cheers