Leolandia Minitalia Park

Soundtrack & Sound Design Entire Project

2009, a new great Amusement Park is born...

In 2009 the construction of what has become one of the main national theme parks began. The entire soundtrack and the entire sound design of the park were created, starting from historical attraction named Minitalia (first version was 1970) to the attractions in their entirety, museum, aquarium, including shows, without neglecting anything, from parking to services! 
The division of the park into thematic areas, with themed attractions and interactive parts. Music, songs, special effects ... Over 1 year of preparation, supporting and learning the world of Disney parks and shows to create a proud musical artistic project.

  • over 180 songs and instrumental tracks
  • 12 thematic areas with original soundtracks for different styles and historical periods
  • the Minitalia includes more than 1000 sounds, effects, melodies of the various territories
  • the statues of the most famous italian characters, with voices and backgrounds, like in a movie
  • the aquarium, the museum of Leonardo Da VInci, the terrarium
  • the Mediterranean attraction, a journey into the Renaissance and the Maritime Republics
  • the attractions, Pirates, Farm and Cowboy
  • the songs, hymn and fantasy soundtracks for shows