Soundtracks' Work

Envolving in Cinema and Media Productions

the Soundtracks'

is my personal passion, a careful work that completely engages the mind and allows you to imagine and describe infinite scenarios, infinite worlds and many expressions with music.

Project on paper, on piano or with digital support, then we move on to the recording of melodies, harmonies, we work on the arrangement and colors of the Sound Design.
The effects are important, the description of the moods of the characters, the interpretation of the colors of the scene and all the details ...

Even just a sound can be needed ... maybe a little sound ... at the right time and in the right place ...

& Sound Design

write melodies, choose sounds and noises, synchronize on the scenes, on the movements, expressions of the characters, balance with voices and dialogues, writing silences, so all with infinitesimal precision ...

Broadcasting, Corporate Movie
& Multimedia

give importance to productions for television, advertising and broadcasts, create musical products suitable for Corporate Cinema with meticulous attention to modernity and sound innovation

the Screenplay

Love working alongside screenwriters and directors. Listen with extreme attention to their ideas, their proposals and their impressions. Align with the authors to perfectly interpret the meaning of the pictures with the music

Music for
Theme Parks

Backgrounds, Soundtracks, Music for Attractions, Shows

with the emotional charge of children, develop musical projects that bring the mind to other worlds, to imaginary places in the name of fantasy

The amusement park sector in Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia, where I have composed and supplied Soundtracks for many Brands & Labels.