the stage...

musical events, shows and everything that involves me as a musician


The Best Live Film Scores of Last 100years with Limelight's Orchestra conducted by Richy Rossini

from Jazz to Soul


Live Ensemble of 8 members with amazing repertory taken from several Soul & jazz best successes

RR 5tet

Richy Rossini Quintet, Live Band performs Original Song & a book of songs from jazz to Tangos

Projects in progress...

Richy Rossini new Album

we are working on a new album, of 10 unreleased tracks, a common thread that apparently connects the songs and 3 instrumental tracks with the contribution of important musicians and a fantastic orchestra

new movie...

a new film for the Cinema, which tells an important adventure, an American production recorded in Europe and Asia


a documentary about WATER, the precious environment and a journey across 5 continents, directed by Stefano Fares for Albatros Film