The Latin Dream

A Musical, recorded between the United States, Central America and Italy.
It tells a story, that of the Salsa World Champion, Fernando Sosa, who plays himself and, between acrobatic choreography and a compelling love story, the stage is a great show of Salsa and Latin American dances with a Cast that includes the most famous leading dancers in the world!

The Soundtrack

Latin American and its main characters are at the center of the Soundtrack which also contains songs from other genres, from Pop to Rap, from Rock to Capoeira! The Soundtrack is a very big project, lots of music, lots of musicians, lots of singers. It includes important international artists such as Victor Daniel, Joaquin Yglesias, Mercado Negro, Virginia Quesada, Moses, Eduardo Cespedes and Ronnie Jones ...

“The Latin Dream”: il film con il re della salsa Fernando Sosa

The Latin Dream OST

A complex job, carried out thanks to an exceptional staff, on behalf of B.I.G. Music with Giorgio Tramacere, Massimo Scalici and with illustrious participations such as Victor Daniel (Grammy Award for La Vida Es Un Carnaval), also creating a new version of this song, with Joaquin Yglesias, La Familia Loca, Ronnie Jones and a series of top-level musicians in the international panorama of both Latin American music and other genres.

Official Trailer