Selected Projects

short selection of projects where 
the Soundtracks' works were intriguing


Original Soundtracks

The soundtracks for the PAGANI UTOPIA' project, signing the production of the entire Sound Package partly taken from the ideas of Horacio Pagani. Gorgeous project for the iconic car, which culminates in 2023, the 25th year of foundation of the prestigious brand of luxury cars designed by Horacio Pagani. The significant and complex work sees the signature of Richy Rossini alongside Horacio Pagani for various projects, inspired by the creativity of the international design genius for whom, in 2023, the original soundtracks of the film projects of Pagani Automobili and in addition to the involvement of Mario Biondi, for the signing and creation of the single "Heart, Hands and Passion", published by FONX EMOTION and produced by Pagani SpA, which begins a series of musical initiatives.

Music for the Motion Picture

Rosso Mille Miglia

the film about the "most beautiful race in the world". A soundtrack that required an important job, consisting of over 40 songs, most of which orchestral and the others sung. A work carried out between Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and England, where I involved several artists who participated in singing and some in writing songs. Important musicians on the world stage like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull ...

Music for the Motion Picture


a feature film, the story of an important character for the Church and for human integration, a film that tells a biography between Italy and Egypt ...

Original Soundtrack made with Limelight's Orchestra.

A musical project that draws on experiences in sacred music and choral music, intense orchestral pieces and piano solos, up to pieces with Arab influences and oriental melodies to describe a journey through a lifetime ...

The Latin Dream

An amazing production through New Orleans, Las Vegas and Milan.The Movie on Latin American Music. Director is Louis medina.An articulated Love story with surprising choreographies interpreted by the protagonist, Fernando Sosa, World Salsa Champion and by many world-famous dancers...

“The Latin Dream”: il film con il re della salsa Fernando Sosa
Amusement Park


In 2009 the construction of what has become one of the main national theme parks began. The entire soundtrack and the entire sound design of the park were created, starting from historical attraction named Minitalia (first version was 1970) to the attractions in their entirety, museum, aquarium, including shows, without neglecting anything, from parking to services! The division of the park into thematic areas, with themed attractions and interactive parts. Music, songs, special effects ...

Amusement Park

Rainbow Magicland

At the birth of the Rainbow Magicland park in 2011, the Artistic Direction entrusted us with the design and realization of the soundtracks of 4 important projects: Maison Houdini, Drakkar (Le Rapide), Cagliostro and Battleship.

Maison Houdini

one of the most important attractions, designed by the Netherlands Vekoma, it includes a path that leads to an attractive show/event consisting of a "magic" room, the famous mad house that's the wizard Houdini Laboratory, which rotates on itself and the music contributes to the emotion...

Amusement Park


the most important theme park in Tunisia and one of the most in North Africa. Many musical works have been custom written for the main attractions and the most significant project is that of the biggest animatronic in the world, the King Kong of Kong Escape ...



The world of modern circuses, telling fairy tales through exceptional shows. It is an exciting experience to write the soundtracks for these shows, following the script and creating melodies, harmonies and sounds thinking about the colors and events that will happen on stage.

Amusement Park

Tunis Park

The park of Tunis, collector of Tunisia's themed entertainment. In this park, many soundtracks have dressed attractions such as Le Ville Perdue, Maya Park and Labyrinth with music ...
it was a huge work for a project inspired by the adventures of Indiana Jones ...