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Associazione Compositori Musica per Film

Richy Rossini

Author, Composer, Songwriter and Sound Designer

Professional musician since 1995, with several Italian and International artists and ensembles in Pop Music, Classical, Soul and Jazz.
Pianist-Keyboardist and Hammond player in Live Tours, collaboration in TV broadcast project and show by RAI, Mediaset, SKY, LA7, Nove..., musician and Orchestra Conductor sharing the stage with bands and soloists of international reputation.
Member of ACMF (Associazione Compositori Musica per Film) and teacher of Composition at LAC (Laboratorio d'Arte Cinematografica) in Rome.
Developed projects for Film Industry, for Amusement Parks field, as a Composer, Director and Artistic Producer for various Labels.
Published over 1200 compositions, 15 Film Scores & hundreds Soundtracks for Movies, Corporate, Broadcasting, Amusement Parks and Show-business. 
Works and collaborations with artists like Ian Anderson, Morris Albert,
Mario Biondi, Tinkara Kovac, Victor Daniel. Joaquin Yglesias, Ronnie Jones, Simona Molinari, Silvia Mezzanotte, Petra Magoni, Joe T Vannelli, Erminio Sinni ... 
Tailor made Soundtrack, Writing and Arrangement 
for Cinema, Television, Broadcasting and Sound Design for the world of Modern Circus, 
for Show-business and for the world of Theme Parks.

Arranger & Orchestra Conductor

A staff of musicians and sound engineers make up the Label crew that works for the soundtracks and discography projects. 
An Orchestra placed in Switzerland (Limelights' Symphony Orchestra), in addition to collaboration with prestigious ensembles in Italy, Europe and the United States.
The productions will involve various figures of professionals from the world of music and audio, musicians, singers, choirs, big-bands and orchestral ensembles.
The whole activity is followed from the concept to the pre-production, from the optimization of the execution and recording activities, up to the implementation of the music shifts.
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The Productions

made in the modern studios based in Italy and works placed abroad where projects need. 
is main Production Label and in 2007 was founded JCP Sound Factory.

Soundtrack's writing, the factory of scores, the writing of arrangements and orchestral themes is taken care of in detail. In the studios in Franciacorta lands, near Brescia in the north of Italy, also in Rome, in a prestigious music temple, then follow the recording, mixing and up to mastering.

The studios are equipped with the best musical instruments and the most innovative digital technology, still giving considerable space to analog sound and the use of vintage equipment.
Part of the recordings and mixes are carried out in a private auditorium/recording Studio of 300 square meters located in the territory of Adro, surrounded by the hills of Lombardy.

The Music

The professional path, the inspirations, 
 the genres, the styles

Selected Projects

short selection of projects where
the Soundtracks' works were intriguing

Soundtracks' Work

passion for sound of pictures and film score, up to the most innovative and multimedia projects


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