Rosso Mille Miglia

The Movie Official Soundtrack

Rosso Mille Miglia

The Movie Official Soundtrack by Riccardo Rossini

The Soundtrack

Tailored  to the director's requests, worked in great harmony, from the shared reading of the script to the synchrony with the images, a journey through Italy, aboard the wonderful cars of the Mille Miglia. In telling the musical project, it is appropriate to distinguish the part of the "Orchestral Soundtrack" from the one related to the "Songs"...

Rosso Mille Miglia Original Soundtrack


A complex project from Swing to Symphonic, from Jazz to Italian melodic style, made up of Songs and Orchestral Pieces, with the participation of many important international artists who worked on the soundtrack, signing some songs with Richy Rossini: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Simona Molinari, Silvia Mezzanotte, Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Petra Magoni and many more ...

Entire wrote and directed by me, this project, tailoring it to the director's requests, with which we worked in great harmony, from the shared reading of the script to the synchrony with the images.
In telling the musical project, it is appropriate to distinguish the part of the Orchestral Soundtrack from the one related to the "Songs".
The Orchestral part was made in Sofia, with the BNR Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, which is an institution regarding soundtracks in the world and beyond thanks to the intervention of the SILVIUS Edizioni Musicali by Silvano Guariso who immediately believed in the project.
We have created the 23 instrumental pieces that I composed, which make up the main soundtrack of the film, achieving a level of artistic and emotional intensity at the height of the best international films.
The themes faithfully follow the scenes that accompany and, by virtue of the two main ones, I have tried to architect the set of arrangements that culminate in the final pieces.
The part of the "Songs" was born instead of the "variety" of the genres and therefore of the styles, where, for greater luster to the project, I decided to involve some artists dear to me, to offer interpretations different to the pieces of the musical proposal.
Involving Alberto Zeppieri, my historical adventure companion in the recording world, was born a decidedly "variegated" project that, with the addition of some additional versions of the songs and several performers, is now taking interesting recording initiatives through agreements with the discographic majors in the musical field.
Zeppieri also represented a decidedly significant role in artistic coordination and in the strategies that, as a team we have shared, as well as the main author of the lyrics of the songs.
The Head Song is "Amami Prendimi Guidami", in which the text tells about the Car that is addressed to the Pilot, "seducing him gently to bring him to cut first the goal of the coveted race".
For its musical structure and for the "vintage" arrangement and in perfect electro-swing style, the song could only be interpreted by the elegant and sophisticated voice of Simona Molinari, assisted on the occasion of a precious feature featuring the vocal ensemble named “Voci di Corridoio”, in a very successful vintage bridge.
In the official sound-track it was also decided to propose the piece in a further version of the “Voci di Corridoio" which performers, rewarding their contribution and giving them the right emphasis. There is also an instrumental remake, in the style of electro swing dub remix, of the same track, made by Dj Thor in collaboration with Vermouth Brothers.

Another leading track is "Mille Miglia Ancora", where instead it is the Pilot who asks his Car to drive it for many other miles; it has lent itself to three different interpretations: the "standard" version is was entrusted to Petra Magoni, an eclectic jazz singer who has been conducting the "Musica Nuda" project for years, completely entrusted to his voice with the only instrumental accompaniment of the double bassist Ferruccio Spinetti (Avion Travel).

The bridge of the song was embellished by some "embroidery" of theremin, an instrument played by a true master: Vincenzo Vasi.
An unplugged version of the same song was interpreted by the voice of the Slovenian pop star Tinkara (Slovenian spokesman for the 2014’ EuroSongContest of Copenhagen).

"Mille Miglia Ancora" is a song so successful in its melodic line and in the flow of the lyric, which was thought for it to a further version: between the lounge and the techno, entrusted this time to persuasive soulful voice of the singer Sadaya, with the sound and the instrumental base revisited by the aforementioned Dj Thor, another leading figure in the post-production project, present with different styles of musical reinterpretation, including the previous head song.

Among the other gems of the project I have a particular fondness for the song "Correre Con Te", interpreted by Silvia Mezzanotte, who has customized some passages of the text, also signing the song as co-author.
I would like to draw attention to an unprecedented, truly international, caliber that is achieved with the contribution of Ian Anderson, historical leader of Jethro Tull, as co-author with me of the song named "OM665S".
For me it is a matter of great pride to be able to include in Rosso Mille Miglia’ Soundtrack the gift of a illustrious estimator of vintage engines: the Scottish musician, undisputed leader of Jethro Tull and reinventor of the way of understanding, perceiving and playing the transverse flute.
At his court, the aforementioned Tinkara was formed, even before being one of the most beautiful voices of Slovenia. Ian Anderson and Tinkara duet in the song "OM 665S", specially made.

To the carnet of the collaborations, two songs are added that I wanted to make to interpret to Esther Oluloro (already artist of the television program The Voice) and the emerging group The Crowsroads: respectively "2 + 2 Days" and "Pirate Flag".
Other musicians who compose mine also took part in the soundtrack of Rosso Mille Miglia consolidated "work team": Massimo Luca (former guitarist of Lucio Battisti, Mina, De André, Gianluca Grignani etc.), Stefano Pisetta (drummer of Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi), Antonio Giovanni Lancini, Fabiano Redolfi, Andrea Gipponi and Anna Nash (formerly in the Rondò Veneziano and now internationally renowned violinist) courtesy of the Plaza Mayor Ltd label in Hong Kong.
So the production of the soundtrack therefore involved over 100 artists and was made as part of a network of participations that has seen 10 registration studies, as many sound engineers, over 30 expert audio technicians.
The Head Quarter of the soundtrack was the JCP Studio, in addition to the StudioTrack BIG-MUSIC of Brescia, which were added the "BNR 1 Studio in Sofia" and the "Stone Recording Studio" of Rome, coordinated by the "Sud Ovest Records", with the illuminated work of Marco Streccioni and Gabriele Conti, experts in the sector boasting about over 200 international film productions, where I directed the BNR Symphony Orchestra at Sofia Record Factory Studios.

RMM "Music From The Motion Picture" - Limited Edition Album for EXPO2015 Movie Premiére

Movie Plot

Maria Esse needs a navigator to locate home.
She has been away from Italy for 15 years. It was a different story at the time her grandparents used to be there, then the school, friends, the job at the newspaper…Berlin has taken her away.
And when she is trying to get in touch with Berlin and the Director of the newspaper, somewhere network is failing, she hits against a milestone and not being able to start the car again she has to walk along the countryside until she gets to the nearest car repair.
Even one shoe with the missing heel, as bad luck comes in three...and if that’s not enough, here is Marco the mechanic, he is a nice guy and has a passion for his work always making a fool of her though…
In few hours they decided to take place during the Mille Miglia race, it becomes a new story, a new love...

Film Highlights

The movie is the debut film by director Claudio Uberti and is produced by Lucere Film. The film production company is supported and was authorized by Automobile Club of Brescia, the owner, and 1000 Miglia S.r.l., Automobile Club of Brescia subsidiary company and “Mille Miglia” brand licensee, to use the Freccia Rossa in the making of the film.
The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production is the Executive Producer to support the production of the film.

The project aims to support and endorse the Brand and the Mille Miglia Race, protecting its historical value and also by promoting them within both the “focus target” (participants and stakeholders) and a larger public, with specific attention to young generations in Italy and Worldwide.

Timing & Publishing

The shooting of the film lasted 5 weeks starting from 18 August 2014, 4 weeks in Brescia, first and last week between Padua and Portogruaro. On 5 September at the Venice Film Festival, Lucere Film, the main production house, will promote the first "teaser" event together with sponsors, screenwriter and cast, showing some takes, international film distribution is planned and negotiations have begun with the primary distribution.
Starting from August, an important Media and P Relation agency, together with 1000 Miglia Srl, press offices, sponsors and local authorities will support the film production activities aimed at conveying and promoting the film and maximizing the value of the project. The first public screening of the film to be held on 15 October 2015 at the Auditorium of the Italian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, to celebrate the Milan-Expo 2015 and Brescia-Mille Miglia partnership, followed by theatrical distribution in Italy, Europe, Russia, USA and Asia.

RMM Official Trailer

Italian Version 2015