Film Score

the main passion, the most significant commitment and the investment in time dedicated to the study of images,  
the creation of the themes and the description of the scenes with the most suitable music and sound

what's matters...

the tailor made original Music, conceived, written and created according to a screenplay, or according to the ideas of a director, the author or a creative subject who wants to tell something. Soundtracks, songs, musical themes or more simply environmental background music, are made and treated with extreme particularity to meet the needs of the productions and reach the particular purpose that is represented by the emotion!
Our studios are equipped for the supply of synchronized soundtracks, effects, noise and sound design for different types of requests.
Regarding finalized product, We are able to supply music products according to the most modern technologies in the audio sector, mixes and finalizations according to the audio technical standards defined worldwide.

Writing Soundtracks

I like to immerse myself in the history of the project, read and reread the script, talk with the director, the screenwriter and the director of photography to acquire their thoughts and expectations.
Then start writing the themes, the main melodies, the upthemes and the arrangements, the harmonies and integrations with the sound design ... synchronize the melodies' writing to the scenes, review, play back, turn off the audio and watch the silent scenes, then turn off the video and listen to the music, to review the scenes in my mind and understand ...