Sound Design

paint with sounds

for Movie

Soundtracks & Film Score

I like to immerging myself in the history of the project, read and reread the script, talk with the director, the screenwriter and the director of photography to acquire their thoughts and expectations.
Then start writing the themes, the main melodies, the upthemes and the arrangements, the harmonies and integrations with the sound design ... synchronize the melodies' writing to the scenes, review, play back, turn off the audio and watch the silent scenes, then turn off the video and listen to the music, to review the scenes in my mind and understand ...


Documentary & Educational

music for documentaries and for the digital educational sector. Documentaries must keep the viewer glued to the screen and also to sound and music. It is important to give the right emphasis to the dialogues and sounds of the direct shots.

Cartoon & Game Industry

animation cinema and video games. They are 2 sectors of the digital industry that also interact perfectly with the world of modern amusement parks and fantasy

Show Business

the live entertainment industry, modern circuses and musicals. It's always like telling a story, whether it's in a single act or part of a series. The shows are made up of scenes, events and a lot of entertainment where music is an integral part